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Vision & Hearing:

From the DSHS website:

Who must be screened and when:

4-years-old by September 1st
Any other first-time entrants
(4 years* through 12th grade) must be screened within 120 days of admission

1st-, 3rd-, 5th-
and 7th-graders must be screened anytime within the school year
(preferably within first semester)

Spinal Screening:

From the DSHS website:

 (a) Spinal screening is required, for all children in grades six and nine who attend public and private schools, to detect abnormal spinal curvature.  Spinal screening, conducted under this subchapter by a person who is not a licensed professional, as the term is defined in this subchapter, must be conducted following the national standards for screening set by the AAOS currently found at http://www.aaos.org/news/bulletin/nov07/clinical5.asp, as they apply to allowable method of screening and age of screening, with the following exceptions.