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Chapa's Chatter

3rd Six Weeks



The holidays are fast approaching.  It feels like we just started a new school year.


We have been very busy with our learning in the first semester. 



Students have been working so hard to learn and build reading skills in and out of the classroom.  They love their independent reading time because they are able to be more responsible for their learning.  As they read they are now learning to “leave tracks”(annotate) on post-it notes to help them with reading comprehension. While they are reading independently, I am able to meet individually with students to discuss the books they are reading and to reinforce skills we have learned in the classroom.  

During Reading class I am doing a read-aloud of Wonder. This novel is about a 5th grade boy who has a number of facial deformities.  He goes to school for the first time and must face people who make fun of him and eventually bully him in and out of school.  This book is also about the friends he makes and how they have to face hard times for being his friend. Eventually, everyone at school comes to accept him and they all befriend him.  The most important quote from the book that I want my students to come away with is, “When you have to decide between being right and being kind, choose kind.” On November 17th the motion picture based on the novel is being released, and I am so excited that all of 5th grade will take a field trip to watch the movie together.



In science class we are learning about forms of energy - thermal, electrical, light, sound, and mechanical.  My students have discussed the uses of these forms of energy and how sometimes more than one type of energy is produced.  This week we are learning about series and parallel circuits.  This is their favorite part of the unit because they get to play with electricity.  They have the opportunity to make different circuits with light bulbs, buzzers, and switches.  Because they love it so much I will  leave the box out of the closet so that the students can get the materials out and practice making circuits when they have finished other work. 


Field Trip

Last week 5th grade had the opportunity to go on their annual field trip. We traveled to the Science Mill in Johnson City.  Students were able to take part in many STEM(science, technology, engineering, math) activities, such as playing a banana piano, playing a brain activity game, building race cars and racing them, building up air pressure to create an explosion in a tube(very loud and exciting), making robotic animals move, looking at creek water through a microscope, and many other activities.  The kids had a great time and so did their teachers and chaperones.


Upcoming Dates to Remember: 

*Nov. 20-24 - Thanksgiving Break

*Nov. 27-Dec. 5 - Penguin Patch

*Nov. 27-Dec. 8 - Canned Food Drive

*Nov. 29 - Progress Reports

*Dec. 4 - Christmas Program @ 6:00pm

*Dec. 6 - UIL contest in San Saba

*Dec. 15 - Pirate Christmas and class parties

*Dec. 15 - 3rd Six Weeks ends

*Dec. 18 - Jan 2 - Christmas Break