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Mrs. Blackledge - Art Classes

6th Six Weeks


My name is Karen Blackledge and I am the Middle and High School teacher. I am starting my 13th year teaching. I was an LVN for many years, but finally get to do what my hearts passion is…...and that is to teach art to the kids. I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren and a few of them have attended Center Point. I have also been married for 37 years. I am very excited to begin this year and bring out the creative spirits inside our kids!


6th Six Weeks

8th grade- Student have just completed a contest for UGRA river contest This 6 weeks we will create a foam print, matt their work, and research an artist.

Art I- Advanced Art - Students will begin the footloose in art history. This is a three part project that consists of the student writing about an assigned artist. The second part is painting a tee shirt or shoe in the style of the artist and the last part is proudly wearing the piece of artwork and having a teacher sign that the artwork was worn. The kids really love this project.

Art Club - we are hoping to go on our trip at the end of April.

Prom was a success and student had a wonderful time.


If you need to contact me please do so @ blackledge@cpisd.net

My conference is 5th Period (11:30 - 12:15)


Middle School List

1 -poster board

2 - 2b drawing pencils

2 - White erasers

1 - poster board

2 - ultra fine tip sharpies

1 - metal ruler

1 - pencil bag

1 - box of markers

2 - Kleenex


Art I

1 -poster board

1 - 9x12 spiral drawing pad

2- 2b drawing pencils

2- white erasers

1- metal ruler

1- pencil bag

2- boxes of kleenex


All supplies will stay in the classroom. These are supplies that will be uses everyday.


My Daily Schedule

1 - Advanced Art

2 - Advanced Art

3 - 8th Grade Art

4 - Art 1

5 - Conference



6 - Advanced Art

7 - Art I

8 - Art I