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Center Point ISD



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Helpful Links

CPISD Board Policy Manual TEKS Resource System SchoolObjects
Connect 20 TEA ESC - 20
2017-2018 Employee Handbook 2017-2018 Student Code of Conduct
Chapter 37 TEC - Discipline 2017-2018 Secondary Staff Handbook 2017-2018 Elementary Staff Handbook
CP Webpage Guidelines for Staff 2017-2018 Secondary Student Handbook 2017-2018 Elementary Student Handbook

2017-2018 District Improvement Plan

2016-2017 Elementary Campus Improvement Plan

2016-2017 Middle School Campus Improvement Plan

2016-2017 High School Campus Improvement Plan

CPISD Technology Acceptable Use Policy - Adult

Teacher of the Month Nomination Form

Employee 403b Newsletter CPISD Technology Acceptable Use Policy - Student Bullying Incident Reporting 

txGradeBook Manuals

TxGradebook for Teachers TxGradebook for Administrators
TxConnect Training Guide for Parents

Business Office - Purchasing, Collections and Activity Fund Links

Business Procedures Manual Active Vendor List

New Vendor Set-Up and


Purchase Requisition CHD (R) Exhibit 3 Professional Leave Form DEE(R) Exhibit A Sponsor Student Travel Form
Tax Exemption Certificate Activity Fund Procedures Activity Fund - Fund Raiser Approval Form
Deposit Verification Sheet Activity Fund Purchase Order Form Tax Resale Certificate


Business Office - Payroll and Benefits Links

Employee Access Website for Pay Info 2017-2018 Pay Day Schedule 2018-2019 Salary Schedule
W-4 for Federal Income Tax Withholding DL (R) Exhibit - Overtime Authorization Form Direct Deposit Form
CP Public School Foundation Pledge Sheet CP Syndicate Pledge Sheet CPISD Employee Health Benefit Information



Administrative Regulations 


Superintendent Evaluation Cycle & District Planning Sequence - AF(R) Organizational Chart BKA(R) CPISD Organization Chart BKA (R) Exhibit
Line and Staff Relations BKB(R) Management Team BM(R) Administrative Regulations BP(R)


Planning and Decision Making Process BQ(R)


Gate Receipts

See Forms CDG(R) Exhibit & Exhibit 2
Student Activity Accounts CFD (R)
District Purchases CHD (R)

See Forms CHD (R) Exhibit; Exhibit 2 & Exhibit 3
Vendor Relations CHE(R) Vendor Payments CHF(R)
Emergency Plans CKC(R) Student Safety Bicycle/Automobile Use CLC(R) Vandalism or Burglary Report CLD(R)
Buildings, Grounds, and Equipment Management CL(R) Student Transportation CNA(R) Food Services/FMNV CO(R)
School Mail Boxes: Mail and Delivery Office Communications District Telephones CPAC(R) Records Management CPC(R)
Electronic Communication and Data Management CQ(R) Insurance and Annuities Management: Unemployment Insurance CRF(R) Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Nonschool Employment DBF(R)

See Form DBF(R) Exhibit
Employment Practices: Employment Procedures DC(R)

See Forms DC(R) Exhibit A; Exhibit B; Exhibit C; Exhibit D; Exhibit E
Compensation and Benefits: Salaries, Wages, and Stipends DEA(R)

See DEA(R) Exhibit A
Compensation and Benefits: Leaves and Absences; Sick Leave Bank Request for Donations DEC(R)

Professional Leave/Trip Request (R)

See Forms DEE(R) Exhibit A & DEE (R) Exhibit 2

Employee Rights Privileges: Employee Handbook DG(R) Employee Rights Privileges: Association and Participation DGA(R)

Workload Work Hours for Employees: DL(R)

See Forms DL(R) Exhibit Overtime Authorization Form

Performance Appraisal and Accountability DMD(R) Basic Instructional Program: Required Instruction (Secondary) EHAC(R)
Special Programs: Gifted and Talented Students EHBB(R)

See Forms EHBB(R)

Admission and Attendance Inter-District Transfer FDA(R)

See Forms FDA(R) Exhibit

Admissions and Attendance - Absences and Excuses FEC(R)
Health Requirements and Services Physical Examinations FFAA(R) Health Requirements and Services Immunizations FFAB(R) Health Requirements and Services Medical Treatment FFAC(R)

See Form FFAC(F) Exhibit
Health Requirements and Services Communicable Disease FFAD(R) Student Welfare - Reporting Abuse and Neglect FFG(R) Student Records FL(R)
Student Activities Extracurricular Activity Absences FM(R) Student Activities Commencement FMH(R) Student Travel FMG(R)
Student Conduct Telecommunication Devices FNCE(R) Student Conduct Sexual Harassment & Sexual Abuse FNCJ(R) Student Rights and Responsibilities Interrogations and Searches FNF(R)

See Form FNF(R) Exhibit
Student Rights and Responsibilities - Student and Parent Comlaints and Grievances FNG(R)

See Form FNF(R) Exhibit
Student Dicipline FO(R) Public Information Program - Access to Public Information GBA(R)

See Form GBA(R) Exhibit
School Communication Program News Media Relations GBBA(R) Conduct on School Premises GKA(R) Advertising and Fund Raising in the Schools GKB(R)


Use of School Facilities GKD(R)

See Form GKD(R) Exhibit

Community Relations School Volunteer Program GKG(R)

See Form GKG(R) Exhibit


Administrative Regulations Forms

Ticket Sale Summary CDG(R) Exhibit Game Summary and Report CDG (R) Exhibit 2 Budget Amendment CE(R) Exhibit
Fixed Asset Deletion/Transfer Request CFB (R) Exhibit Personal Services Contract CHB (R) Exhibit Request for Mileage Reimbursement CHD (R) Exhibit 2
Purchase Requisition CHD (R) Exhibit 3 Key Inventory CLA(R) Exhibit Lost Key Form CLA (R) Exhibit 2
Property Damage/Loss Report Form CLD(R) Exhibit Trip Permission Form CNC(R) Exhibit Approval for Outside Employment DBF(R) Exhibit
Interview Rating Form DC(R) Exhibit A Employment Reference Form DC(R) Exhibit B Recommendation Form for Superintendent Review DC(R) Exhibit C
Personnel/Payroll Action Form DC(R) Exhibit D Exit Interview Form DC(R) Exhibit E Employment Agreement for Long-Term Permanent Substitute DCE(R) Exhibit A
Name and Address Change Request DEA(R) Exhibit A


Professional Leave Form DEE(R) Exhibit A


Travel Expense Clearance Form DEE(R) Exhibit 2
Employee Rights and Privileges - Employee Complaint Forms DGB(R) Exhibit DL (R) Exhibit - Overtime Authorization Form Employee Rights and Privileges - Employee Complaint Forms DGB(R) Exhibit
Special Programs: Gifted and Talented Students EHBB(R) Exhibits Admissions and Attendance - Power of Attorney FD(R) Exhibits

Admissions and Attendance Inter-District Transfer FDA(R) Exhibit

FDA (R) Exhibit - Transfer Students - Recommendation Form for Superintendent

Administration of Medication FFAC(F) Exhibit Authority Taking Possession of Student Exhibit FNF Student and Parent Complaints & Grievances Forms FNG(R) Exhibit
Request for Information GBA(R) Exhibit   Use of School Facilities GKD(R) Exhibit
Volunteer Application Form (GKG - Exhibit) Spanish Volunteer Application Form (GKG- Exhibit) Volunteer Criminal History Authorization Form
  Spanish Volunteer Criminal History Authorization Form  


Other District Forms

CPISD Program for Academically Gifted and Talented Students

CPISD Dyslexia Handbook 

CPISD Dyslexia Resources