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Center Point Public School Foundation

Mission statement:

The Center Point Public School Foundation will support the role of education in the community.  This will be done primarily through the support of the schools and programs of the Center Point Independent School District.

This support will consist of, but not be limited to, financial aid to students, faculty, facilities and programs operating under the CPISD jurisdiction.  This will include programs and organizations that serve the students, faculty and community of Center Point.  Specific areas in which this foundation will provide assistance will include students scholarships, grants for professional development, facilities improvement, capital construction and educational resources such as technology and libraries.


Funding sources:

Among the possible funding sources for the Center Point Public School Foundation are:

1.  Private businesses and corporations

2. Private foundations

3. Public foundations

4. Local, state and federally chartered entities

5. Local community members.


Requests for funding:

Requests for funds from the Center Point Public School Foundation will be directed to the foundation through four sources.

1. Campus principals

2. Site-based (campus) planning committees

3. The CPISD superintendent or designated agent

4. The CPISD board of trustees


The History of the Center Point Public School Foundation

The Center Point Public School Foundation was founded in the Fall of 1997.  Articles of Incorporation were established with the State of Texas July 15, 1998, and IRS non-profit status, 501 (c) (3) recognition was awarded October 6, 1998.  In the past several years, the Foundation has raised some $25,000 to assist the Center Point Independent School District.

The Foundation obtains funding from a combination of sources, including fund drives, staff and faculty, board members of the foundation, student initiatives of the CPISD, area businesses, vendors that support the schools, and from private and public foundations.

The distribution of funds is determined by a board of directors, made up of eight members consisting of representatives of the CPISD faculty, administration, school board, the Center Point community and business sector.  Requests for funding are directed through campus-based planning committees, principals of the schools, and the CPISD Superintendent.

While the Foundation uses the high school facilities for monthly meetings, it is a private foundation which is under the direction of the Board of Directors.  The Board manages the organization, raises and invests funds, awards scholarships and other CPISD endeavors, cited above.  The Board welcomes suggestions from citizens who wish to help or serve, and voluntary contributions are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible.

An annual Giving Campaign was initiated in 2001 and has helped raise funds.  The 2006-2007 campaign will continue through the summer.  Various other fund raising events will be announced during the school year.  An annual "Celebration of Excellence" began in the Spring of the 2002/2003 school year to award scholarships to graduating seniors, as well as recognizing deserving persons in the school system and in the community.

The overall program and intent is to reflect the values of a small community "helping its own,"  The Board hopes you will participate with many others to help make the dreams of our deserving CPISD students and the staff and faculty become a reality.