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School Closures

How will I know if school is closed?

Bad Weather Information:

Center Point ISD Superintendent, Cody Newcomb, and members of the administrative team will make the decision to close or delay the opening of school before buses head out for their morning routes in the event of bad weather.

Parents can listen to the following radio or TV stations to find out about school closings:


K.R.N.H. Ranch Radio 92.3 F.M.
K.R.V.L. Rev. F.M. 94.3 F.M.
K.R.Z.S. The Rose 99.9 F.M.


W.O.A.I. San Antonio Channel 4
K.E.N.S. 5 San Antonio Channel 5
K.S.A.T. 12 San Antonio Channel 12
K.V.H.C. Kerrville Channel 15





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