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9th Annual Homecoming School Spectacular


Tail-Gate Chili Cook-Off 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

At the High School Campus 

Homecoming Spectacular - Bounce House

Games, Prizes, Food, and FUN!

Bounce House and Slide, Plinko, Dunking Booth, Kiss the Pig, 

Pie in The Face, Bucket Toss, CP Pirate Jail, Soda Ring Toss,

Face Painting, Bean Bag Toss, Whiffle Ball Toss, Lollipop Tree,

Washers, Cotton Ball Race, Photo Booth,

Cookie Sales, Homecoming Mum Sales, Music, and more…

Homecoming Spectacular - Music and Fun!


Come sample the wonderful chili our school and community will prepare!

Mr. and Mrs. Bishop’s famous Cowboy Cobbler will be at the event this year; a favorite of many!

If interested in entering the tail-gate chili cook-off please contact Shirley Wingfield (Wright) (830.634.6124) as soon as possible. 

Deadline to enter the chili cook-off is September 20th.


2018-2019 Chili Cook-Off Entries:

Beverly’s 10-Pepper Chili – Mrs. Newcomb – 1st Place

Nichols Fire in the Hole  Chili – Coach Nichols & Megan Nichols – 2nd Place

Mikey Like’s It Chili – Mike Smart – 3rd Place

PAW PAWS Pirate Chili – David and Sharon Cowen

Culinary Arts Chili – Mrs. Dolezal and Class

Big Dog Chili – Mr. Newcomb

REAL Wolf Brand Chili – Nurse Janet Wolf and Mr. Wolf

POOLE’ (Pool Lay’s) Cajun Road Kill Chili – Officer Jimmy Poole

Mr. Johnson’s Pirate Chili – Mr. Johnson

Best Cowboy Cobbler – Mr. and Mrs. Bishop



2017-2018 Chili Winners:

1st Place – “Dang Yankee Chili” – Coach Rhonda Ruesch

2nd Place – “PAW PAWS Pirate Chili” – David and Sharon Cowen

3rd Place – “Culinary Arts Chili” – Mrs. Dolezal & Culinary Art Students

Other 2017-2018 Chili Cook-Off Participants Include:

“Mother/Daughter’s 2 Alarm Chili” – Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Caronna

“Mr. Johnson’s Pirate Chili” – Mr. Johnson

“Big Dog Chili” – Mr. Newcomb

“Beverly’s 10*Pepper Chili” – Mrs. Newcomb

“Bolin Chili” – Guy & Brad Bolin


Homecoming Spectacular - Chili Cook-Off

Come out to this annual Homecoming Event at the high school campus!

For more information contact Shirley Wingfield (Wright)

Ticket Price – $1.00 per ticket

Proceeds go to the individual clubs and organizations!  

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