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CPISD Fitness Center/Gym

***The CPISD Fitness Center is currently closed until further notice due to COVID-19***


Please Stay Safe Center Point Community!


CPISD Fitness Center – Currently CLOSED!

Course Description:  CPISD Fitness Center is available for use by community members living in the CPISD boundaries.  The Fitness Center has a variety of fitness machines for weight training and aerobic exercise.  Community members who wish to use the Fitness Center need to stop by the Administration Office between 8am and 4pm M-F to complete their membership paperwork.  Bring a current driver’s license showing a CP address or another document as proof of residency in the CP area, such as utility bill or tax bill.  Members of the CPISD Fitness Center must sign a waiver and carry their membership card when using the Fitness Center as usage will be monitored by CPISD Administrative Staff.  There is no cost for membership. MUST BE AT LEAST 19 YEARS OF AGE TO USE THE FITNESS CENTER!

Materials Needed: 

  • CPISD ID/Membership Card,
  • Comfortable clothing,
  • Shoes REQUIRED, Towel, Water Bottle,
  • NO animals allowed in the Fitness Center,
  • NO children under the age of 19 allowed in Fitness Center

Location: Administration Building—Downstairs—# 7-03

Dates: (follow the school calendar):

Cost:  *Free*

* Community Ed Registration NOT Required  * However: Membership Card IS Required  * Waiver Required   * Must be 19 years of age