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Community Education

Center Point ISD Community Education

"The Treasure is Knowledge"

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If you have a class idea or would like to teach a

community education class contact Ms. Wingfield


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Classes such as: 

Cooking, Yoga, Fitness, Art, Creative Activities, Bridge, Painting, Picture Frame Making, Calligraphy, Gardening, Plant Information, Cake Decorating, Photography, Computer Classes, iPad Classes, Knitting, Quilt Making, Key Hole Garden, and more

If you have a class idea or would like to teach a community education class contact Ms. Wingfield or 830-634-6124



Community Education Planning

Committee/Board Members


Shirley Wingfield – CPISD Community Education Coordinator 

Kim Bolin – CPISD District Administrator

Eve Brunet – CPISD Middle & High School 

Janet Pape - Community

Sue Wood – CPISD Retired Teacher


Community Education is...
...the process by which the citizens in a school district, using the resources and facilities of the district, organize to support each other and to solve their mutual education problems and meet their mutual lifelong needs.

CPISD Community Education
Mission Statement
Established August 2009


The Center Point Independent School District Community Education Program was established in the fall of 2009 to promote involvement of all citizens of our community by providing a variety of life-long learning opportunities for each individual. Dedicated to the idea that the school is the center of the community, Center Point Independent School District opens its doors during the non-traditional operational hours to encourage our community members to participate in classes that will offer personal enrichment, cultivate a hobby, develop a skill, or to learn about an interesting new subject, and to enrich their lives personally and professionally. In order to inform the community of their life-long learning opportunities, Center Point Independent School District Community Education Program will post the classes on the school webpage and produce a publication at least twice a year featuring the many exciting classes for both adults and children in a variety of categories.

Center Point Independent School District thrives in providing a variety of educational opportunities and support services to strengthen our community members and help increase potential success.  Our doors will continue to be open for our community and our students.

Center Point Independent School District Administration, Staff and Community Education Instructors are committed to educational excellence for the individual, partnership with the community, and life-long learning.

NOTE: Center Point Independent School District offers classes to the community for purposes of information, instruction, enlightenment, and example ONLY.  Such classes are NOT to be constructed as endorsement or investment recommendations from the instructor or his/her company, or Center Point Independent School District.


“Learning is a treasure that will follow
its owner everywhere.”
A Chinese Proverb



*Registration deadline is four (4) working days prior to the first class.
*Payment due at registration.
*Register early, this helps us to know if the class makes and helps the instructors plan. Some classes may not run if enrollment numbers are low by the registration deadline.
*The printed costs listed in the brochure are estimates, price will depend on class enrollment size.
*Please notify Center Point Independent School District at least two working days prior to the first session of a class to receive a refund. A cancellation fee could be charged. A full refund will be issued for classes cancelled by the Center Point Community Education Program.
*Smoking is not permitted on school property.
* Unless notified, you should attend classes as scheduled.
*Confirmations are not mailed out.  Send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your registration if you require a receipt/confirmation.
*Call 830-634-6124 to confirm receipt of mail or fax registration.
*Children may enroll in some Community Education Classes (unless otherwise noted). Those under 12 must be accompanied by an enrolled adult.
*A liability waiver is needed before participation in specific classes.
*Dates and times are subject to change; however every effort will be made to stay with the original schedule.
*Check the Center Point Independent School Website often for weather or other related cancellations,

*Classes will be made up if the schedule permits. 


If you are interested in teaching a class or know of a class you would like to see offered during the next session, contact Shirley Wingfield, Community Education Coordinator at 830-634-6124 or send an email


REGISTER/ENROLL TODAY!  Enroll/Register today (by mail, fax, or drop-off)

Center Point Independent School District
PO Box 377
Center Point, Texas 78010
Fax: 830-634-2254
215 China Street, Center Point, Texas 78010


Shirley Wingfield —Community Education Coordinator

215 China Street PO Box 377
Center Point, Texas 78010
Phone: 830-634-6124
Fax: 830-634-2254