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Financial Transparency

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Proposed and Adopted Annual Budgets

2021-2022 Adopted Budget   PDF   Excel

2020-2021 Adopted Budget         PDF   Excel

2019-2020 Adopted Budget            PDF   Excel 2018-2019 Adopted Budget        PDF   Excel
2017-2018 Adopted Budget       PDF   Excel  

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Check/Expense Registers

2020-2021 Check Register  PDF    Word

2019-2020 Check Register      PDF    Word
2018-2019 Check Register   PDF     Word 2017-2018 Check Register      PDF     Word
2016-2017 Check Register   PDF     Word  


Annual Financial and Compliance Reports

2019-2020 Annual Audit Report 2018-2019 Annual Audit Report
2017-2018 Annual Audit Report 2016-2017 Annual Audit Report 
2015-2016 Annual Audit Report  


Other Information

Utility Usage July 2015 to Present 

Utility Usage July 2007 - July 2015

2021 Tax Rate Ordinance  
Approved Vendor List is found underStaff Resources HB 1378 Debt Transparency   Board of Trustees Contact Information








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