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How to Recognize Email Phishing


To click, or not to click? That is the question




Phishing email example

This email seems innocent. It is from a service provider which is most likely used by the district. And, you are being asked to to open an attached document and sign it to protect your online files.

Before you click on the attached document, ask yourself “Should I click, or should I not?” Sure, the email seems innocent but lets examine it further. The big giveaways here are 1) who it is from, 2) their request, and 3) the poor use of grammar.

  • Notice who it is from (Microsoft OneDrive).
  • It is asking you to “click Here To sign Document,” while stating “To view This document does not required to be downloaded.”
  • Also, look at the highlighted sections of this email; notice the poor grammar and the misplaced capitalized words.

So what do you do now since you have determined that this is a phishing email? Sure, you can simply delete it and move on, but chances are you are not the only person to have received it. In order to not only protect yourself but others as well follow these STEPS in reporting it. 

How to Report Phishing Emails…

  • For more information on how to recognize and avoid Phishing Scams click HERE. You will be redirected to the Federal Trade Commission on Consumer Information and Online Security.
  • On how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a Phishing Scam click HERE. You will be redirected to an Avast blog written by Jeff Elder.

Stay Safe,
Be Vigilant,
Don’t let these malicious actors trick you into giving them personal information!








When criminals go phishing, you don’t have to take the bait.

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Let them know.

Some email platforms let you report phishing attempts. If you suspect an email is phishing for your information, it’s best to report it quickly. 


How to Report Phishing Emails