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How to Chromebook!

How do I “Chromebook”?:

Chromebooks are like laptops, however they are not Windows or iOS operated systems. Instead, they operate using Chrome OS. Like a Windows laptop you can use your Chromebook for just about all of your online school work or teaching needs: reading approved websites, checking your school email, or utilizing school approved and downloaded apps.

Chromebooks run web applications instead of software programs. So instead of using File Explorer, Windows Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ect., your Chromebook runs Google web apps such as Files and Google Drive which houses Docs, Sheets, Slides, ect.

What you have in front of you is a computer; it is not a toy, a source of entertainment, a paperweight, or a door stopper. Maintain it and keep it up-to-date and it will work like a champ! The information presented on these pages are just simple informative tidbits about your Chromebook and how to use it for either school work or teaching.

For more information about How to Chromebook” look no further than your web browser; use your device to search how to use it, and what it can do for you so that you will be academically successful here at Center Point I.S.D.

If you are in need of technical assistance, repair, ect., then don’t hesitate to send us a Tech Request. Please be descriptive when explaining to us what is happening, this will help us better assist you and get you back to learning/teaching!


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Taking Care of My Chromebook



What are Updates?


What to do if...

Chromebook will not power on



YouTube Videos

Chromebook Care: Grades 6th to 12th 

Chromebook Care: Grades PK to 5th

What Are Computers?: Grades PK to 2nd



My Chromebook Layout



How to power on

& power off

your Chromebook



Signing in



Connecting to WiFi




Your Chromebook’s connections and layout




Your Chromebook’s Dashboard


Audio Controls:

Can You Hear Me Now?



Chromebook LifeHacks



Instead of clicking and selecting commands with your mouse/touchpad, try these...

Hotkey shortcuts



Waaaaay to many tabs opened? And you need access to them all? Try this:

Group and Arrange Tabs

in Chrome Browser



For a clutter free life:

Bookmarking & Folders




Accessing your Apps



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Chromebook Image